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Teeth Cleanings

Teeth CleaningsAside from a regular oral hygiene routine done at home, dental cleanings are also highly necessary to keep your pearly whites in tip top shape. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not see its value. A dental cleaning (oral prophylaxis) is a thorough cleaning of your teeth, mouth, and gums. Its primary goal is to remove tartar and plaque. Even those who brush and floss their teeth regularly still have tartar in their mouth especially in hard to reach areas, so setting an appointment for dental cleanings at least every six months is often recommended by dental professionals. While it’s generally painless, the jaw discomfort, unfamiliar machine noises, and all the prodding that will be done inside your mouth can cause anxiety and fear in some people. However, with all of the benefits that regular dental cleanings can offer, you shouldn’t think twice about having it done regularly. With this procedure, your teeth and gums will become healthier and stronger. It also prevents cavities from forming and worsening as well as tartar buildup. It’s an essential dental procedure that you should never skip.

What to Expect

BMA05203_4_5-2A dental cleaning appointment is one of the simplest and most routine procedures that you can ever go through in your life. Here at Cherry Creek Dental Spa, our dental hygienists are well trained and very gentle, to ensure your comfort and relaxation. The duration of the procedure may differ depending on the state of your oral health. It usually doesn’t take long, and there’s usually no downtime afterward so you can squeeze in an appointment nicely in your busy schedule.

Cleaner Pearly Whites and Better Oral Health

As dental cleanings are best done regularly, you might consider setting an appointment for one soon. Especially if you haven’t had your teeth cleaned in a while, it would be best to schedule a cleaning right away. Our caring and gentle hands will take care of you so that you can enjoy a brighter smile and excellent oral health for many years to come.
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