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Intra Oral Cameras

Intra Oral CamerasAt Cherry Creek Dental Spa, we know that odd-looking tools may cause anxiety to some of our patients and we want to help ease any discomfort by explaining what these tools are all about. One of the tools we often use is an intra oral camera. It’s actually a fun tool that we use to examine the structures inside the mouth, and it doesn’t cause any pain.

An intraoral camera allows us to examine your mouth as extensively as possible. This instrument looks like a large pen and it can take high resolution images of the mouth and then show it on our specialized monitor in real time. It’s a very modern piece of dental equipment that allows us to make a more accurate diagnosis.

Benefits to the Patient

With intraoral cameras, we can precisely explain what’s going on inside your mouth and at the same time, you can also see for yourself the images that we see. The images will be displayed on the monitor and we can discuss any oral issues you may have in real time. The more you see, the more confident you are when you make decisions in regards to your treatment.

Additionally, if you have dental insurance, the use of intraoral cameras also come in handy in assisting with insurance payment. The images serve as proof of your condition, thus boosting your treatment case.

It’s our aim to provide each patient with the best quality of care and with high-tech dental tools and machines like intraoral cameras, we are able to make accurate diagnoses so that proper treatments options can be given.

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