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Mouth Guards

Mouth GuardsMouth guards these days are getting lots of news coverage, thanks in part to superstar athletes like Stephen Curry and his penchant for chewing his mouth guard out of his mouth when playing and taking shots.

Why Use a Mouth Guard?

The most commonly cited reason by many is to protect your teeth from damage when you play contact sports like basketball, football, and hockey. Mouth guards can help prevent damage to the teeth. It also reduces the risk of other mouth-related injuries, such as injuries to your tongue, lips, and oral soft tissues. In fact, you should wear a mouth guard even attending non-contact athletic activity. If it involves the risk of falling to the hard ground (such as when you’re biking or running) a mouth guard just makes sense. Finally, there’s also a mouth guard specially designed for those who suffer from bruxism or teeth grinding. You can wear a mouth guard that’s very discreet during the day, and even wear them to sleep to keep you from grinding your teeth at night.

Why Do You Need Custom-Fitted Mouth Guards?

It is true that you can buy a mouth guard over the counter or online. But if they’re not custom-fitted to your mouth, they can cause even more problems by damaging the alignment of your teeth. In fact, generic mouth guards (even when they have some sort of custom-fitting feature) tend to be bulkier and thicker. So they can change your teeth alignment, and you’ll feel uncomfortable. You may even have problems speaking and breathing. That’s the ultimate benefit of coming to our office for your custom mouth guard. We can provide the right sort that suits your needs, whether it’s for sports or for bruxism. We can make sure that it fits perfectly and that it remains comfy in your mouth.

Final Thoughts

If you’re an athlete or a teeth grinder, call Cherry Creek Dental Spa. We can create a comfortable and nice-looking mouthguard specially fitted just for you.
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