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New Teeth in One Day

New Teeth In One Day If you have or need dentures, you may have heard of All-On-4 treatment, more commonly known as “teeth in a day.” The treatment involves using your denture, or a new denture that we make for you, and surgically retaining it with dental implants. The difference between a non-retained denture and one that is held in place with implants is significant. Patients report a significantly higher quality of life with a retained denture due to look, comfort, and all around function.

Your denture will be permanently fixed in your mouth. This process creates a solution that is smaller than a removable denture and will look and feel more like natural teeth. This means no more sores, discomfort, or a lack of confidence from your moving or loose denture! There is no more glue and the roof of your mouth will not be covered by the denture, which means better taste, speech, and overall feel. It also means you don’t have to remove your denture while you’re sleeping because the gum tissue will be much happier and healthier!

If you are considering “New Teeth In A Day,” please schedule a consult with one of our doctors to see if you are a candidate for this treatment.

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