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Many patient’s present to our office with healthy teeth, but unexplained tooth pain, jaw pain, headaches, broken fillings or cracked teeth. Most times these patients are clenching and/or grinding their teeth. The first modality of treatment for clenching and grinding is a custom Nightguard, made by your dentist. The nightguard relaxes the joints and muscles that cause us to clench and grind, which leads to a decrease in damage and pain. Many of our patient’s find a custom fit Nightguard life changing.

Can I get a Nightguard from my local drugstore or online?

Nightguards purchased at a drugstore or online are not custom fitted, they come in stock sizes or they are “boil and bite.” Usually, they are large, bulky, and do not fit properly. Another issue with store bought appliances is they are made of a rubber-based material that actually encourages you to clench and grind more, so they are completely counterproductive. For these reasons, we strongly encourage our patients only to utilize a custom made Nightguard by their dental provider.
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