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Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous OxideThere are so many misconceptions and myths about nitrous oxide floating around the web that it is much simpler to make a list of FACTS instead. These are the real facts about nitrous oxide that you ought to know:
  1. It’s also called N2O, but it’s more popularly known as “laughing gas”.
  2. It’s colorless and its scent is light and sweet.
  3. You take it via a mask over your mouth and nose. You don’t receive it through an IV.
  4. It’s very mild, so it doesn’t really put you to sleep though it’s possible that you may feel sleepy. You can still hear the dentist talk. You’ll just end up feeling less anxious and much happier, and you’re more likely to laugh at various things. It’s the kind of feeling that makes a visit to our dental office something to look forward to, rather than something to fear.
  5. This is a great option for you if you’re anxious about anything regarding your dental appointment. It’s very common even for adults to be afraid about local anesthetic shots, or about intimidating noises emitted by various tolls such as drills. The nitrous oxide keeps your anxiety levels way down so you end up smiling.
  6. It is extremely safe. We’ve had extensive training and experience so we know how to control the flow of the gas through the valve to get the right level. We base the amount we use on your size, age, and gender, as well as your reactions to it.
  7. It’s so safe that it’s even prescribed on kids. In fact, children like it a lot since many of them tend to be afraid of shots and drills. The N20 calms them down and keeps them happy, and it helps provide a foundation of fearlessness towards dental visits in the future. Lots of adults who are too afraid to go to dental offices often cite a traumatic dental visit in their childhood as the reason.
  8. Once the dental procedures are done, you only need a few minutes for the gas to leave your body. Then you can feel normal again so you can drive yourself back to your workplace or home.
If nitrous oxide isn’t enough, then we still have other dental sedation alternatives available. But more often than not, laughing gas is more than sufficient to help you overcome your fears. If you’re feeling anxious about your dental appointment, we can certainly help ease your fears.
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