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Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental X-RaysCherry Creek Dental Spa, an established dental practice in Denver, CO is 100% committed to giving patients the quality of care they deserve. As such, we only use modern digital dental radiographs, also known as digital X-rays to better diagnose and treat any problems and monitor your oral health.

Digital X-rays can be used to take digital intraoral and extraoral images of the mouth. Intra-oral X-rays are used to detect cavities, monitor bone and tissue health, jaw growth and development and check the status of developing teeth.

Digital X-rays vs. Traditional X-rays

There are many reasons why more and more dental professionals use digital dental radiographs. To start with, digital x-rays can detect even the smallest decay between your teeth, and they can also reveal bone and gum infections, cysts, and any abnormalities in your mouth.

Another advantage of digital radiographs over traditional x-rays is that the images can be viewed directly on our computer screen and we can enhance the contrast/detail of the images.

More importantly, digital radiograph eliminates the need for chemical processing and uses up to 80% less tradition (compared to traditional x-rays), making it a safer and greener alternative.

The images can then be transferred or sent to other dentists by means of compatible computer technology.

Our staff and dentist have completed special training for taking digital x-rays.

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